If you missed my big announcement in the last Seegs Quarterly, I am in Hong Kong for at least the next year to attend graduate school. While I know I’m going to be busy AF with that, I’ll still do my best to keep Hong Kong updates coming on the blog. I’ll also be hoping to make a few trips around Asia during my breaks and I’ll be sure to report back on those. But things will probably be more quiet around here for awhile.

Before that happens, though, I’ve already made some snap judgements about Hong Kong after living here (for a grand total of a week) and I’d like to do a post similar to the first impressions post I did when I first arrived in Taipei. You can also expect the next Seegs Quarterly to be right on time at the end of September.

Although, it’s not my first time in Hong Kong (that was about 11 years ago), I’ve quickly learned that living here is vastly different from visiting. It’s actually better, in my opinion. There are many cities where the same can not be said.

First off, It rains much less here than it does in Taipei, which is freakin’ fantastic! The almost constant rain in Taipei was something that was hard for me to get used to. It still rains in Hong Kong – don’t get me wrong – but it’s significantly less. If you hear me complaining about rain any time in the near future, please remind me of the weeks that passed without sunshine in my not so distant past.


Another wonderful thing about Hong Kong is that there are expats practically everywhere I turn. This is both good and bad because in Taipei you have to make an effort to put yourself out there and meet people, and in Hong Kong I can see myself getting lazy about making friends because it’s a lot easier here.

I’m also loving the “business” side of Hong Kong. The last two times I visited, of course I was a tourist so I didn’t get to see more of the everyday life here. For me it’s a really great atmosphere because I have a very distinct part of my personality that desires efficiency and an undertone of professionalism doesn’t go unappreciated.


I do feel bad putting down Taipei so much because it’s not like I had a bad experience there by any means. Living in Taiwan was one of the best choices I’ve ever made, and I truly don’t think I’d be successful here in Hong Kong had I not had the experience I did in Taiwan first.

I think I took for granted how friendly the people were in Taiwan while I was living there, because I certainly haven’t found the same to be true about Hong Kong, so far at least. On the flip side, though, the people in Taiwan were almost too nice for me as I’m used to the extremely rude service people in New York City, so Hong Kong is actually a nice compromise between the two.

But having said that…

…seeing men in suits rushing around eating dim sum under neon lights is basically my idea of Heaven.

I’m going to go ahead and enjoy that for now ;-)