My move to Hong Kong is complete – woohoo!! This summer felt endless with anticipation, but I’m happy to finally be here (loving it!) and underway with things.

Some other things went down this summer, too, including some drama (of course).

Let’s break down what I’ve been up to the past three months:

More NJ – and more wedding season!

I’m really glad I didn’t have to miss out on two of my best friend’s weddings. I basically planned my entire summer around attending, but I was happy to since they’ve both always been there for me and it was worth it to not miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime thing like their wedding days.




I celebrated a little too hard, though, and found myself sick for more of my summer than I would’ve cared for. But I was also reminded how easy it is to be sick at home. All of the over the counter drugs you could dream of minus having to explain with hand gestures what you’re suffering from. What a breeze!


This mostly applied when I was home and had limited amounts of time to see a lot of people, but also extends to living abroad and the people I will continue to make an effort to keep in touch with.

An unfortunate example was when [very surprisingly] people that are very close to me cancelled a goodbye lunch we had planned due to something as silly as traffic. Not even actual traffic, but anticipated traffic. Listen, I hate traffic as much as the next person, but I was still deeply hurt and really wished I could’ve departed on better terms with them. But lest not have one bad apple spoil the whole bunch (that’s the expression right?), there were way more people that went far out of their way to see me that touched me more than I can even describe.

It didn’t go unnoticed and simply put, the latter are the people I’m making a priority in my life from here on out.

But let’s move on…

New Yawwwwk City


Needless to say, New York City is truly unlike anyplace else in the world, and any amount of time spent there is bound to be exciting. I spent the majority of my time on the Upper West Side since this is my parents’ new neighborhood.



The Upper West Side certainly isn’t known for being a neighborhood that’s easy on the pocketbook, and after living in Taipei for awhile and getting used to a really low cost of living, the sticker shock on the UWS was that much worse.

So I ate lots of bagels! I definitely missed the food in New York when I was in Taiwan. I also found some great new places on the Upper West Side that will fit right into my roster of favorite restaurants in NYC.

**PS- I’m debating doing a separate post on my personal favorite eats in NYC, so let me know if you’d like to see that in the future!



I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it back to NY/NJ for the holidays given my schedule with school, but after receiving my exam schedule, it looks like I will be able to make a trip home in December, even if for a short time. So that’s good news!

Hong Kong


I’m hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hong Kong has totally exceeded my expectations. I’ve already stated in a previous post that the energy of living in Hong Kong is vastly different than when visiting. Living here gives you a little more time to process this fast-paced city, and I’m very much the type of person who appreciates time and space to process anything and everything.

Everything I wish I had in Taipei, I have in Hong Kong, and this city is so up my alley it’s not even funny. I almost feel the need to pinch myself everyday because I’m so happy to have this opportunity to live here.


I’ll save more Hong Kong details for future posts (I’ve already done one on my first impressions). I’ve done a bit of exploring already, but since I’m here for awhile I thought it best to space things out a bit, and perhaps save some adventures for when I get swamped with work and need some headspace/fresh air. I’ve already planned out some pretty cool hikes for October and November with some of the new friends I’ve made here. Who knew Hong Kong was a great place for hiking?!

The Elephant in the Room

I thought everything was just peachy keen until I stumbled upon some really unexpected and jolting news. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, why don’t you go over and read that now.

I’ll wait.

Welcome back! So yea, pretty crazy, right?! I’ve been processing this for the past few weeks, and I think I’m in a good place with it which is thanks to some very long conversations with people that are closest to me, and were there along me for the whole saga with my ex.

I’ve also learned that everyone has different ways of processing things, and the best way for me is to talk things out with people I feel the most comfortable with. It turned into a learning experience for me, as things like this often do. I’m feeling good about the future, where I’m at now (as mentioned above about living in HK) and finally leaving the past in the past.

What’s coming up for Quarter 4 (October – December)?

Not much. I’ll be in full-on “student” mode, and I’ve already warned that things may get a little quieter around here as a result. But who knows, all the writing I’ll be doing for my classes might inspire me to write more here. We shall see!

You can be damn sure that when I’m done with my exams in early December, there will be some celebratory traveling. I’ll see you then, and wish me luck in the meantime ;-)