Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I thought spending some time at home before heading off to Hong Kong would be relaxing, and I’d have plenty of time to pump out lots of posts that I’ve been meaning to write about Taipei, but the truth is it’s been anything but.

I’ve been traveling back and forth between New Jersey and New York on a weekly basis, which means I’ve still been living out of a suitcase. I’m not complaining by any means, but the feeling of only staying put for a few days here and there, especially when you’re supposed to be at “home”, is a bit unsettling.

It’s a first world problem, indeed.


I’ve also been trying to squeeze in little get-togethers with everyone I haven’t seen in a long time and probably won’t see again for just as long. It’s gobbled up about 95% of my time at home, and while I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to see everyone, it hasn’t been conducive to getting much else done.

But with that being said, this is the calm before the storm as I depart for Hong Kong in a little over two weeks. I’m extremely excited, of course with a healthy dose of nerves added in there as well.

To my snapchat followers, things will start getting interesting again soon (follow me @seegstravels)!

Just wanted to give you all a little update, short and sweet. That’s all folks!